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Ringtone Maker App for Windows Phone with Windows 10 Mobile

To make your favorite song into a ringtone for your Windows Phone, you need an app to cut the music or mp3 file, here is Ringtone Maker apps you can download and install it for free from the Microsoft Store … Continue reading

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How to reset windows 10 to factory settings

When your Windows 10 is too mess up, too many viruses, it become unresponsive and can not be used for work, you have no other choice but to reset your Windows 10 computer back to the factory setting or we … Continue reading

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How to Enable/Disable Kaspersky Safe Money In Windows 10

Are you using Kaspersky service for your internet banking and online payments security? After you use Windows 10, how to enable or disable Kaspersky Safe Money in Windows 10. Today more and more people use the internet to buy something … Continue reading

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Free download iexplorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 is available free for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. You can download and install it for free from the Microsoft Store. You can also using iexplorer 10 in Windows 10 even thought internet explorer is … Continue reading

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Check for updates in windows 10

It is very important to keep your Windows 10 updated with the latest security patches, new features, and setting changes. You will learn How to check for updates in Windows 10. When first launched until now, Windows 10 changes, improve, … Continue reading

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Upgrade windows phone to windows 10

Windows 10 is finally available for Windows Phone. Find out how to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile for your Windows Phone, and what phones are eligible for the upgrade. List of Phones Getting Windows 10 Although late, but finally Windows … Continue reading

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windows 10 virus protection

You need virus protection for Windows 10? How to enable the Real-time protection on Windows Defender? is Windows Defender good enough to protect my computer? When do you need another antivirus to protect your Windows 10? Security is the primary … Continue reading

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Windows 10 change settings and control panel options

You can change Settings and personalization in Windows 10 through the Settings options. Control Panel can still be found in Windows 10 even though most of its functions have been moved to Settings. So what options can we change with … Continue reading

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Windows 10 headphones not working

Do you ever wondered why aren’t my headphones working on Windows 10? What you have to do when your headphones or audio speaker not working on Windows 10. How to fix audio problems on Windows 10 with this troubleshooting. It’s … Continue reading

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windows 10 free download full version

You will not believe it, but you can actually download Windows 10 full version for free from Microsoft’s official website. The latest version is Windows 10 Build 6.4.9841 which is fix the earlier builds like 9923, 10041, and 10130. If … Continue reading

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